Every great idea starts with a blank page.
Then you collect your thoughts, reshuffle them, structure.
To end up with something that's just right.

Use OutlineEdit to sketch ideas on your Mac.

Free Download

Free Download

Why outlining?

An outline is best way to collect what’s on our mind.

Outlining not only gets ideas down on a page, but follows our way of thinking: exploring new ideas, constantly adding and reshuffling.

Outlines bring you all the way from the first idea to a finished thought.

Why OutlineEdit?

OutlineEdit was designed to be simple, intuitive and delightful.

It’s a tool for sketching thoughts. Allowing for outlining as dynamic and fast as your thinking.

With powerful features like categories, drafts and Marker for Safari, it comes fully equipped.

Macworld rated it 4/5, Mac|Life says GREAT.

Great applications always get better Regular updates improve OutlineEdit and add new features

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