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Meet OutlineEdit 3

New Hoisting and folding, with advanced settings ❯

New Color category tags & filter: Highlight, connect and filter information. Now up to 10 tags ❯

New Add images to your outlines to insert photos, diagrams, formulas, from other apps ❯

Customizable live statistics give you an overview of your document while editing ❯

Drafts, home window and menubar access for instant creation and access to documents ❯

New Custom outline templates speed up the creation of frequently used documents ❯

New Editor themes & dark mode: Go light or dark, with colorful accents and row colors ❯

Open to the world: Export and import many file formats. OPML, PDF, RTF, plain text, more ❯


Focus on what’s important: Fold item groups, to keep the overview. Select individual items, fold to a specified level or everything.


If you want to zoom in, hoist a section of your outline. Either by click, keyboard shortcut or even through a swift trackpad gesture. Of course, you can then create a new outline from this view or export it directly.

Category color tags

Use up to ten color-coded category tags per document, to highlight and connect information. You can go beyond the outline structure and add a useful second layer of annotation.

Categories filter

Filter items based on their categories, then open them in a new document or export directly.

Add inline images

Sometimes, text is just not enough. Add inline images, with OutlineEdit 3. This way, you can include photos, diagrams or even formulas from other applications or the web.

Customizable editor statistics

To keep the overview, add up to six live stats to the editor statistics area.

Item checkboxes

Mark what’s done, with beautiful, animated checkboxes.

Home window & menu access

Quickly open recent documents and saved drafts. Find what you are looking for with built-in search. And it’s always just one global keyboard shortcut away.

Custom outline templates

Select any OutlineEdit document as the starting point for new outlines. This makes creating frequently used documents fast and easy.

Dark mode & editor themes

Go light or dark. Make OutlineEdit 3 yours, with 10 built-in editor themes, both neutral and colorful. And the best part: It automatically switches themes, based on your system appearance.

Comprehensive shortcuts

OutlineEdit 3 was built with efficient editing in mind: For every common action, there is a keyboard shortcut. So the interface gets out of your way.

There is nothing like trying it yourself:

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All Features & Tech Specs

OutlineEdit 3 is a fully-featured outliner & document system, built from the start exclusively for Mac.

Interface & Integrations

  • Fully native macOS application
  • Optimized modern interface design
  • Supports light and dark interface modes
  • Comprehensive support for keyboard shortcuts, with all standard text editing commands
  • English and German interface language
  • File quicklook
  • Tabs, in windows and full screen mode
  • Touchbar, on supporting computer models
  • Fullscreen & split view, with optional clock
  • Floating window mode

Application Features

  • Home window
    • Start from a blank file or template
    • Quickly open recent documents and saved drafts
    • Search in home documents
  • Fast access from menu bar item
    • Menu bar popover
    • Open with global shortcut
    • Same features as home window
    • Option to hide menu bar item
  • Custom outline templates
    • Select any OutlineEdit document as a template for new outlines
    • Open directly from home window and menu bar item
  • Window management
    • Dock window in center, left or right, with shortcuts
    • Float window on top
    • Window transparency


  • Custom-built outline editor
  • Comprehensive support for keyboard shortcuts, with all standard text editing commands
  • Multiple selection & group operations
  • Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Undo and redo editing actions
  • Split item at position
  • Group selected items
  • Drag and drop
  • Bold, italic and underlined text in items and notes
  • Set title
  • Optional clickable links
  • Optional trim white space from items
  • Optional split pasted text into multiple items
  • Editor zoom
    • Per window and default scaling setting
  • Dark & light neutral and colorful editor themes
    • Ten built-in themes
    • Select theme for document window or tab
    • Select default editor theme for light and dark OS appearance mode
    • Automatic theme switching (requires OS support)
  • Folding
    • Item group folding using disclosure triangle, double click or shortcut
    • Fold to level
      • Choose level by number
      • Fold to level of selected
    • Fold and unfold everything
    • Number of hidden items displayed next to folding triangle
    • Item group guide overlays, when hovering triangle
  • Hoisting
    • Hoist item group using button, shortcut or trackpad gesture
    • Recursive hoisting
    • Open in new document
    • Export view for PDF export and printing
  • Search in text and notes, with automatic unfolding
  • Inline notes
  • Inline image attachments
    • JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, HEIC image formats supported
    • Built-in smooth image scaling, using drag & drop
    • Multiple images per item
  • Checkboxes
    • Recursive subitem checking
    • Reset checkboxes
    • Delete all checked items
  • Category color tags
    • Highlight and connect items, beyond the outline structure
    • Up to 10 categories per document
    • Seven built-in color schemes
    • Define custom color schemes
    • Save favorite custom colors for re-use, with a name
    • Select default category color scheme
  • Category filter
    • Filter items based on their category
    • Add and remove categories to filter
    • Reveal filtered item in outline
    • Open filter in new document
    • Export filter view, for PDF export and printing
  • Live editor statistics
    • Number of items and levels
    • Number of words and characters
    • Number of checked items
    • Working time
    • Select default statistics for new documents

Files, Export & Sharing

  • Custom file format .oe2doc
  • Save document as a draft
  • Export and import OPML
  • Export to PDF
    • Multi-page support
    • Export scaling
    • Include or exclude hidden items in export
    • Export views for category filter and hoisting
  • Update PDF and OPML exports on document saving
  • Export to RTF
  • Copy outline plain text to clipboard
  • Mail outline plain text
  • Export images to folder
  • Printing

System requirements

  • Requires macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or newer
  • Supports Intel and Apple Silicon chips
    • Universal binary

Other resources

  • User’s Guide (English)

Also visit the User’s Guide.