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Drafts and the Fast Access Menu

Working with Drafts

Drafts are a way to quickly put away a note or document you have been working on without having to set a file name and folder to save. In order to save as a draft, click the save draft button in the upper right corner of a document window and confirm. You can also save as a draft from the File menu in the menu bar.

If you add a document to drafts as described which has already been saved to another place, only a link to the file (a so called alias) will be added to drafts for quick access but the file itself stays where you have put it.

Accessing Drafts

Open saved drafts from the fast access menu as described below or choose File ▸ Open Draft from the main menu.

Moving Drafts to another Place

To move draft documents out of the drafts storage and save them at another place, select File ▸ Open Draft from then main menu. Then simply drag the document you want to move out of the appearing window to any place in the file system. Or alternatively, open the outline from drafts and then click in the window’s title bar to reveal the macOS file dialogue. Then change its place next to the 'Where' field like any other document.

Fast Access

OutlineEdit's fast access menu is the best way to quickly access drafts and recent documents. It is always visible in the menu bar and can also be revealed through the global shortcut cmd + alt + O. You can disable both menu item and shortcut in OutlineEdit's preferences.

Fast access always initially displays all saved drafts. From this view, you can directly delete saved drafts or remove aliases by clicking the 'x' button. Press the Recent button to reveal a list of recent documents instead. Of course you can also create a new document right from fast access.

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