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Marker and Pinboard Extensions

OutlineEdit comes with two macOS extensions that make working a little more effortless every day.

Marker for Safari

Marker allows you to highlight selected text on any website in Safari and to directly import the selection into a new outline in OutlineEdit. Get OutlineEdit Marker from here or from the Help menu in OutlineEdit.

Click the Marker menu bar button to reveal the Marker extension or immediately begin highlighting, using alt + M to activate it. Make a text selection, then click on '+ Mark selected text' to highlight it, alternatively use the shortcut mentioned above. When your done, open in OutlineEdit to create a new outline with the content highlighted. The application will then ask you whether to open a new empty file or append the new selection to the last outline created from marker that is currently opened.

Pinboard for Today View

OutlineEdit Pinboard is a Today extension that helps you to keep notes and to do lists always in reach, just one swipe away. From the Pinboard, you can also immediately copy an outline as plain text and take it anywhere.

Display an outline on Pinboard using the window control button or from the File ▸ Place on Pinboard menu. Pinboard preserves the state of the document, so don’t forget to put a newer version on Pinboard if you update an outline. A copy of any previously pinned outline is moved to Drafts if you replace it with another document.

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