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Application Preferences

OutlineEdit’s Preferences window is the one place where you will find all settings that affect the application’s behaviour. And it collects every default preference that is applied to all new documents.

Open it from the OutlineEdit ▸ Preferences menu or using the app-wide shortcut cmd + ,.

Below, all settings available inside the six preferences tabs are listed.

Behaviour Tab

The Behaviour tab offers all settings that apply to how you invoke OutlineEdit and how new document windows present themselves.

Editing Tab

Under Editing, you will find settings that apply to text input and the editing interface.

Statistics Tab

The Statistics tab offers the default selection of stats that is displayed for new documents.

Categories Tab

In Categories, you can select a default category color scheme from the included ones as well as any personal schemes that you have saved under color scheme favorites.

Exports Tab

To set up automatic exports, open the Exports tab.

Themes Tab

Select default editor themes for both light and dark system appearances in the Themes tab.

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