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Window Management

Arranging Windows

OutlineEdit was designed to allow fast and convenient working with multiple documents so you can be most productive. Access window management commands from the window management button in the upper right corner of a document window. All actions are also accessible from the Window menu. From here you can:

Floating Windows

When working with other applications it might be useful to let an outline float above all other windows on your desktop for fast access. Enable floating from the Window menu in the menu bar or from a document window's management button in the upper right.

Windows become transparent when floating and not selected to allow you to look through on other applications. It is also possible to toggle transparency manually which might be helpful when working on smaller screens. In OutlineEdit's preferences (OutlineEdit ▸ Preferences), there is also an option to make floating windows transparent all the time.

Fullscreen Mode

OutlineEdit's fullscreen mode allows you to focus on your work without a distracting desktop and other apps. To keep the current time in view while hiding the menu bar, a top clock is available in OutlineEdit. Hide it from the Window menu and disable or re-enable it as a default for all windows in the application's preferences.

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